Thursday, January 7, 2010

Unite Today for Golden Tomorrow

Legalisation of practice of vision care professionals under National Council is mandatory to serve and check services in ophthalmic care. It must have teeth for looking after qualitative international standards education, regulation of qualifications norms and service ethics of professionals.

Aim and objectives must be set to autonomy of vision care professionals to deliver highly professionalised services to the community. Otherwise seems to be inhuman for longtime. Do professionalise vision care professionals with empowered council with member from vision care professionals only.
Bharat Mistry
Lecturer in Ophthalmic Clinical Optics

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  1. yes vision council is a must.As far as i know india is the largest vision care provider in the world.[where the chinese are gone ]But it is largely unorganised.not many alleys for improvement either.they say in democracy if anything works it is despite democracy not because of it.A little less democracy and little more control like vision council will do great things