Saturday, January 9, 2010

Coordinated efforts for Public Health echelon of Vision Care Professionals

Vision disorders and eye diseases are major public health problems, both nationally and internationally.  Vision care professionals  with training and experience in public health  are needed to assess community needs for vision care services, to determine which factors contribute to treatment and prevention of visual system anomalies, to develop and apply quality assurance systems, to participate and provide leadership in health-related agencies, and to foster public awareness of the need for vision care.  An individual qualified both in vision care and public health is expected to have the capability to develop, administer, and evaluate eye and vision health programs in research projects; design and conduct epidemiological field studies; use statistical methods in data analysis of case-control and cohort studies; develop and implement vision health education programs; and develop occupational health and eye safety programs.
Coordinated efforts Objectives
Describe the economic, legal organizational and political underpinnings of the Indian health system;
Acquire a public health field concentration for individuals seeking a world class eye care professionalism; and
Apply population-based sciences and methods of public health as they relate to vision and vision disorders

Bharat Mistry
Lecturer in Ophthalmic Clinical Optics

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