Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vision Council and Facebook remarks

When we grow our knowledge will also improve. Good experience is essential for this development.

Unfortunately we came to know that there is some remarks about our profession by our fellow colleague in FaceBook. It is very sad to know that he is a top executive member. I don’t know whether I should cry or laugh for their inefficiency or for their overacting without supervision. Like one man army

Ophthalmic Assistant cadre was introduced in 1976 with definite aim and objectives for Primary eye Care exclusively for Indian rural population where Ophthalmologists are available in adequate numbers. At that time, though Optometrists were present they were mainly concentrated only in major towns and cities. Although both these cadres are prescribing glasses, Ophthalmic Assistants alone are given responsibilities of rural primary eye care with treatment aspects. These Ophthalmic Assistants are posted in rural PHCs /CHCs only. At that time the aim was to control the blindness from 1.4 % to 0.3%. by 2000 AD.

Ophthalmic Assistants are not the enemies for fellow professional Optometrists. Optometrists and Ophthalmic Assistants are two wings of a bird. Already there are so many associations for optometrists in various names. But so far National Ophthalmic Association is the only association for Ophthalmic Assistants in India. When we establish NOA, there is a slight change in designation instead of Ophthalmic Assistant, at States like Pondichery. The designation, Ophthalmic Technician, was existed at that time in Pondichery.  (Most of the States it is still Ophthalmic Assistant). Considering these points we mentioned that in addition to Ophthalmic Assistants all other cadre those who are delivering similar duties under NPCB can also become a member of NOA. This is the history which every one knows.

In a National level organisation we should not push our views to others for our personal benefits. At the recent Chennai conference almost all the states were opposing for the change of designation from Ophtalmic Assitant to the Optometrist. One of our top executive member is supporting this designation change to Optometrist because of his Personal preferences like he had got his Optometry Degree.

Our Stand is:

Common name of Vision Care Professionals as already proposed. These issues were discussed in many common meetings (Optometrist and Ophthalmic Assistants combined meetings) and finalised in Delhi Vision 2020 meeting and it should be implemented. The council must be named as Vision Council of India as per the finalised draft. Optometrist and Ophthalmic Assistant can be registered in separate clauses.

Please everyone should understand these views.


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